10 June, 2012

The Sewing Fairies

These two little pixies are very busy in the antique sewing box , I am hoping that if I leave my button's to be sewn on and clothes to be mended that it will all be done for me !

Antique sewing box and accessories and two tiny pixie bears .This piece has been adopted but I thought it would be nice to show on here anyway .


Vicky Lovejoy said...

Oh wow Louise, this little piece is exquisite. What a wonderful idea!!
vicky xxx

Mäsywi-Bären said...

oh i love this bears. The red one with the red nose, the blue one with the blue nose, there are so wonderful

Kays Kids said...

I'm so pleased you showed us the sewing box. I would love Pixies to help me with my sewing.

Maria Ireland said...

Beautiful scene. I love your wonderful pixie bears.
Hugs Maria

Flor said...

¡Que bellezas!!!♥♥♥♥
Un abrazo

luisa said...

ohhhh.... what lovely scene!!!!! your little bears are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute :-) Well done!
Love from Lone