29 June, 2015

Family time !

Mike ( my brother) Sophie and Nick
 Gosh , sorry for being so quiet on here !
After my last show my daughter was here for a couple of precious weeks .I had not seen her for two years , she lives in Sydney Australia .
The time flew but we made the most of it .Just a couple of pictures .
Louise x
Dining out !

Me in the Natural History Museum Garden


Lovejoy Bears said...

What beautiful children you have Louise!! Just like you :) I'm so glad you had some precious time with your daughter. Hugs and happy summer ♥ Vicky ♥

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise,

must have been wonderful with the family catch up - it's absolutely wonderful photos of your lovely family :-) Hope you had a great time! Will be away (not having online access) during your summer show, but I'm sure it goes well and that the little ones will be ripped away!

Have a wonderful summer!

Love from LOne