07 July, 2013

Annual Scarecrow festival in Wilmslow

 This is the 4th year there has been an annual scarecrow festival in my home town . Thought you may like to see some pictures .My favourite is Jack from "  Nightmare before Christmas " .
Beautiful weather at the moment too !
Louise x
 This drum band were so good !

 Love this one !
 My favourite  " Jack"

 This chap was pinched from outside the pub and found tied up to a lampost , back in place now with a pint of beer !


Kays Kids said...

What fun. We have a scare crow competition in one of our winery towns every 2 years. It is all great fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise,
I follow your blog on a regular basis but unfortunately haven't been too good at commenting lately - never less I always enjoy your updates; whether's its new little ones, holiday or family shots!! Seems like you've had a great spring!!
Hugs Lone