21 May, 2013

Early Summer show now open !

 Welcome to the show ! I hope you enjoy the new bears .Please email me if you would like to adopt a bear .
Louise xx

Verdi dressed as a frog

Verdi is a 2 inch bear in frog costume . Very pretty green with slippers and chenille trim and he carries his own silly little frog toy .Weighted .One only  .


Aimatia is a lilac 2.5 inch bear with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose . She wears a beautiful pale peach dress made from antique silk with gorgeous embroidery flowers on the deep bodice .She has a silk headband with rose and diamante button and tiny vintage brooch at waist . Weighted .One only .

Carmel a flower bear

Carmel is a pretty 2 inch bear in pale orange and pink with varigated silk petal collar  with onyx eyes and embroidered nose .Weighted .One only .

Honey a bee fairy

Honey is a 2.5 inch pale yellow and black bee made from vintage and new long pile velvets with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose . She has wired wings and a silk petal skirt with black organza underskirt and yellow glass drops .She stands on a large vintage velvet pansy . Weighted .One only .

Lotus , a tiny butterfly

Little Lotus is just 1.5 inches tall in pink and blue with beaded wings I have made .She has a cream head , onyx eyes and an embroidered nose and stands on a vintage velvet flower . One only

Crisanto pixie riding a snail

Crisanto is a 2 inch gold pixie bear with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose dressed in pink / lilac and yellow with lilac wired wings . He is riding on his purple snail and holds a velvet flower umbrella .They ride on a green base with ribbon trim . Weighted . One only .


Hyacinth is a 2inch bear made from lilac and onyx long pile vintage velvet with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose . She wears pretty lilac flower glass beads and leaves on her chest . Weighted .One only .


Gardenia is a 2 inch bear made from deep gold vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose . She wears tiny pretty pink glass flower beads and leaves . Weighted . One only .

Princess Tiana and her frog prince

Princess Tiana is a 2.5 inch bear made from pink and tan long pile velvet .She wears a fine pink sparkly tutu, wired wings and fine pink bead tiara . She is kneeling next to the pond hoping for a kiss from the little frog . The frog is just over 1/2 inch tall sitting on a lily pad next to the rushes and there is also a tiny dragonfly on one of the flowers . Weighted .One only

Forget me not fairy

Forget me not is a pretty 2.5 inch fairy bear . She wears a petal skirt , blue wired wings and tiny glass forget me not flowers and leaves decorate her front and sleeves . Onyx eyes and embroidered nose . Weighted . One only

Aura and Sunsprite with rainbow

Aura is a 2.5 inch raindrop pixie dressed in pale turq with a rainbow collar with glass raindrops and silver hat . He is standing on a cloud with a felt rainbowI have stitched . The little yellow sunsprite is climbing over the rainbow and sprinkling rainbow drops .He is 1.5 inches tall . Both have onyx eyes and embroidered noses .
Weighted . One only

Jardan with his pull along toy bunny

Jardan is a 2.5 inch gold bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes and a brown embroidered nose . He wears cute stripey dungarees and pulls his cabbage toy which has a bunny peeping out of it .
Weighted .One only

Primrose Panda

Primrose is a 2.5 inch pale yellow and black panda made from new and vintage long pile velvet . She has onyx eyes and an embroidered nose . She wears a silk petal collar and carries a tiny posy of Primroses . Weighted .One only

Scarlet the ladybird fairy

Scarlet is 2.5 inches tall and made from red / black / beige  new and vintage upholstery velvet . She wears a red skirt with tiny black dots and her wings are decorated with black crystals . She stands on a silk velvet leaf . Onyx eyes and red embroidered nose .
Weighted . One only .

12 May, 2013

Early Summer blog show , coming soon ......

Hi ,
 I would like to let you know that my early Summer blog show will be on Tuesday 21st of May right here on my blog from 7.30pm onwards .
The bears and I hope you can join us . The show is very much inspired by the garden and its inhabitants this time .
here are a few teaser pics to tempt you :)
Louise xx