28 October, 2012

Lovely day at the Races !

 I had a lovely day out yesterday at Aintree Racecourse with my friend Lydia and her mum Lynda .
We were supporting "The Tiddly Tadpole" pictured below . He did really well and came second in his race .
Gorgeous sunny day but freezing !

 Tiddly's race
 Afterwards in the winners enclosure .

 Monet's Garden in the parade ring
 The course
Unioniste , won his race and a star of the future !

23 October, 2012

Beautiful Autumn Walk

Libby and I had a lovely walk this afternoon and I took my camera to capture some of the beautiful colours in the trees and plants at this time of year !

Autumn show update

I would like to thank everyone who adopted a bear from my Autumn show and for all the lovely comments and emails I recieved ,
Louise x

16 October, 2012

Autumn /Halloween show now on !

Hello and welcome to my Autumn / Halloween show .Above is a selection of the bears I have available .
Please email if you need any more information and would like to adopt a bear  or wish to go on my mailing list for future shows ,
Louise x

2013 Calendars available now

 I have some lovely calendar's for sale , available now for 2013 . There is a different picture for every month and plenty of room to write notes . The second picture shows the format inside .
Please email if you are interested .

The Owl and Pussycat went to sea .......

The Owl and pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat .They have a basket with a pot of honey and some money .
Boat is green  silk with vintage flowers and cream silk sails  .
Miss Ginger kitty  has a cream dress and lilac bonnet  with feathers .She has green glass eyes and an embroidered nose .Weighted . Mr Owl is made from felt with large yellow glass eyes , top hat and tails and is strumming away to woo Miss Kitty .
One only 

Gretel in her witchy den

Gretel is a 2.5 inch gold bear witch with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose .She wears a black chiffon silk dress and net shawl and witches hat decorated with beads. She lives in her den which is a black silk covered book which is decorated with a net curtain on one side ,black lace and flowers .The other sideshows a fireplace with cauldron heating on there .Gretel's black cat sits by the fire , through the open window a full moon can be seen and a tiny bat hanging on a tree in the garden . Can you spot the spider / spider web ?
Weighted .
One only

Batty Boo !

Batty Boo is a 2 inch deep gold bear dressed in a purple bat suit with pretty bat wings and mask to peep through .
He has onyx eyes and an embroidered nose and two buttons decorate the front .
Weighted .
One only

Maple and Mixie

Maple is a 2.5 inch bear in dark gold with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose .She has green legs ( tights) and pink boots and a hooded felt coat which keeps her warm .She walks her little dog Mixie who has jointed legs and a tiny dog coat and bow on head .
Weighted .
One only


Sookie is a 2 inch bear dressed for the season in purple and orange with matching ribbon ruffle .He has onyx eyes and an embroidered nose .
Weighted .One only

Laurel on her velvet box

Laurel is a 2 inch very elegant lady bear with onyx eyes and embroidered nose .She sits on a lovely antique velvet box which you could keep small treasures inside .Her dress is antique lace and she has a tiny bag made from a vintage bead  . Ostrich feathers and a wax flower decorate her lovely hat .
Weighted .
one only .

Harvest in his Owl purse

Harvest is a 2.5 inch bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose .He wears a simple silk bow and sits inside his own cute  antique owl purse .
Weighted .
one only

Woody with his squirrel

Woody is a 2.5 inch woodland elf dressed in a lovely jade colour with felt hat and scarf .He has onyx eyes and an embroidered nose and holds a tiny acorn basket with toadstool inside .Red is his tiny squirrel who holds an acorn .
Weighted .One only

Trick or Treat !

Trick or Treat is a 2.5 inch yellow bear with onyx eyes and embroidered nose .She has been out " Trick or Treating " and has her pumpkin bucket with candy in it .
Her colourful finely knitted jumper is by June Palmer , she wears a felt hat with silver moon and also a glittery net skirt .
Weighted .One only

Akiha the Autumn Fairy

Akiha is a beautiful 2 inch Autumn fairy who sits on a woodland log enjoying the Autumn sunshine .She has an acorn cap for a hat and has a chiffon skirt and fine wired wings .Onyx eyes and embroidered nose .
Toadstools and blackberry vines complete this piece .
Weighted .One only

Izzy the titchy witch on her cauldron

Izzy is a tiny witch ( 1.5 inches) in gold and purple .She has onyx eyes and an embroidered nose and stands on her antique Irish bogwood cauldron .One only


Toffee is a 2.5 inch toffee coloured bear with onyx eyes and an embroidered nose He has blue shoes and braces to match tucked into his lovely striped silk trousers and bow tie .
Weighted .One only

Sidney Scarecrow in his wheelbarrow

Sidney is a 2 inch dark gold bear sitting in his wheelbarrow with a pumpkin .He wears a stripey cotton jacket , felt scarf ,ultrasuede hat and waistcoat with tiny brass  buttons .He has a few fallen leaves on his hat and straw sticking out in various places .
Weighted .One only .

Chester , Toyland bear

Chester is a 4 inch Toyland bear made from silk plush with lovely amber glass eyes .He wears cute check trousers with braces and scarf and carries a felt pumpkin .
Weighted .
One only

08 October, 2012

Autumn / Halloween show date ! Tuesday October 16th

 I am sorry I have not posted on my blog for a few weeks .I have been really busy creating new bears for my next show .
Still lots of sewing to do !
One or two teaser pics here ! 
My Autumn show will be here on my blog on Tuesday 16th October from 7.30pm ( gmt )
The bears and I hope you can join us!
Louise x