29 February, 2012

Hugglets pictures .

I had a lovely day at Hugglets on Sunday .It was very busy with a lovely atmosphere and so nice to meet friends and collectors. These are some of the bears who went off to new homes .xx


heibeni-bären said...

Hello Mrs. Peers,
I'm also a miniature bear artist from germany and I was so much impressed about your lovely miniminimini-bears :)
That's all I want to say...
I send you very nice hugs from germany

Kays Kids said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely day. I expect not many came home with you.

susana said...

instead of mini bears, i love this feminine mice too.

maddyrose said...

Your mini bears are so wonderful that I can't imagine you brought many home with you.

Anonymous said...

test - don't think my previous message came through :-)