02 July, 2011

Scarecrow Festival in my home town

In Wilmslow for the next ten days there is a Scarecrow Festival . A lot of the local shops / restaurants /public houses have taken part in this and whilst out yesterday I took pictures of some of my favourite ones ! Can you guess what sort of business they belonged to ?
Click on photo for a larger view .


Kays Kids said...

It looks like fun. We have a scarecrow competition in the Barrossa Valley every couple of years also. Lots of thought and imagination goes into it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise,

what a great idea - wish my home town would do such, too! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

Love, Lone

Lee said...

Looks like much fun! This would be a great thing for the fall...at least in my state.
Thanks for sharing!

Starry said...

wow, such a cool idea for a festival!

stevek said...

Louise - thanks for sharing those photos and for helping promote Wilmslow in doing so. We're just businesses trying to make a difference so every bit of support helps and your coverage is therefore fabulous. Thanks from Steve (Wilmslow Business Group and maker of "Lawrence" on my bike.) There's a simple message to everyone who has read your thread, get involved, do stuff for your community (however superficial or daft) and everyone will benefit. The smile factor is both huge and cheap to run!