10 March, 2010

Spring Show 23rd March right here !

Spring is nearly here .Amongst my yellow crocus this tiny bunny peeps out to say hello ! The cashmere bunny is only 4 cms tall .
I hope you can join me for my Spring blog show on Tuesday 23rd March from 7pm .
Louise x


Lori Ann C. said...

What a cutie Louise!!
Wishing you the best show ever!!

Lori Ann

Marleen said...

Hi Louise,i have an award for you at my blog;

Anonymous said...

Will be there, Jenny :-) If my laptop works, that is, have problems with it in between! Sorry not having been in touch for a while but have checked your website regularly!


Anonymous said...

Louise --- I'm SO sorry that I called you, Jenny ... (was just chatting online with a Danish Jenny, that's why!) Of course I know you're Louise!!


Louise Peers said...

Thank you Lori, hope your laptop is ok now Lone ?
Thank you for the award Marleen ,
Louise x