21 June, 2009

Look what I found i my garden !!

Look at these pretty little Sweet Pea fairies I found peeping shyly out between the shoots of my Sweet Peas in the garden.
One of my favorite flowers to have growing at this time of year ,lots of lovely blooms in the most gorgeous colours.
Little Blush ,Lila and Bianca look perfectly at home dont they ?


Lissu said...

So cute <3 <3 <3

Linda Walsh said...


Those are just tooooooo adorable. I just love them and love the first picture of all three peeking out. It made me smile this morning.


Vicki said...

Wow Louise they really are adorable and look so at home with your Sweetpea flowers. Outstanding bears as always

Vicki xx

ginger said...

What a lovely garden! It would be nice to be able to drop by and choose a few flowers to adorn my table. Maybe the fairies would come along too!

Anonymous said...


they're gorgeous - wish I had such beauties in my garden, too :-)

All the best

I'm Lori Ann said...

Just the sweetest!!
Lori Ann

Anonymous said...

Oh Louise!!!! They are just lovely! Hugs to you!

Kim Basta

Boot Button Bears said...

Oh my gosh, what absolutely delightful photographs. Those little poppets really look like they are part of your garden. What a treat!!
Christine. xxx