21 December, 2008


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.
Big bear hugs from Louise and all the tiny teds xx

04 December, 2008


Here are my new bears . I have really enjoyed making them.
These are available now .Please email me if you would like to adopt a new little friend,
Louise xx

Toyland Elephant BELLA a fairy

Little Bella is all set to balance at the top of the tree. She is made from hand dyed pale pink silk plush and has lovely violet glass eyes.She has a pair of silver wings and a tutu made from twinkly spotted net.She has a tiny tail with a pink bow .She will stand with a little support .Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

Toyland Bear SNOWY an angel

This little Toyland bear Snowy is made from off white silk plush .He is just 4 inches tall and has lovely blue glass eyes and a brown stitched nose .His gold angel wings are softly padded and are removable tying at the back .He will stand unaided.
Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

Toyland Bunny FAITH ,an angel

Faith is a hand dyed pale pink silk plush Toyland bunny angel. She has lovely violet glass eyes and her silver wings are removable .They tie at the back .She has a white fluffy tail.She will stand unaided .
Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

Toyland Panda CHILLY

This Toyland Panda is in hand dyed baby blue/off white silk plush .He is just 4 inches tall with lovely amber glass eyes and a grey stitched nose .He wears a pale blue silk velvet hat with big white bell on the end (the hat is removable) He will stand unaided .
Weighted ,One of a kind .Adopted

GEORGIA and her tiny snowman .

Georgia is a 2inch little girl bear all in pinkShe wears a hooded snowsuit with tiny buttons.Her pink boots and hand knitted scarf are a deeper shade. She has her own little snowman friend who has a matching hat and scarf.They both stand on a white base.
Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

HOPE an angel

Hope is 2.75 inches tall and made from very soft pale gold cashmere .She wears a gold silk dress with an added skirt of antique beaded lace.I created her a beaded halo to match .Her wings are made from softly padded white plush .
Weighted .One of a kind .ADOPTED

CHRISTINA and her tiny teddymuff.

Christina is 2.5 inches tall in gold and dressed in a deep rosie pink snowsuit with hood which can be worn down.She has brown furry boots , chenille trimmed and her hood and cuffs are trimmed in a very pretty sparkly yarn.Her tiny white teddy muff worn around her neck will surely keep her hands warm . She will stand unaided .Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

YULETIDE in seasonal basket pincushion

Yuletide is a 2 inch bear in red and green with a gold head .He has bent legs and sits on the edge of a rustic pin cushion basket with vintage laquered holly and berries .Two vintage crystal topped pins are tucked into the red silk pad. Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

PISTACHIO a Christmas Fairy

Pistachio is 2.75 inches and made from hand dyed soft cashmere .She is a beautiful colour .She has silver wings and a skirt of finely pleated organza with a silver edge .I have given her a silver nose to match.Her dress and her head piece are trimmed in fine down and diamonte. She is already for the top of the tree ! She will stand unaided . Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted

ROBIN hitching a ride on his robin !

Robin is a 2 inch bear with bent legs made from vintage long pile fabric in a lovely dusky blue colour.He has a long hat and it is trimmed with chenille like his outfit. He is riding his felt robin that I created for him and they stand together on a base with a piece of vintage holly .Weighted .One of a kind .

ICY the snowman

Icy is made from super soft white cashmere and is 2.75 inches tall. He has a nose embroidered from twinkly thread and a hand knitted twinkly scarf with snowballs on the end .I have made him a tiny broom out of fine silver twigs.His long hat has a vintage swarovski drop on the end. He will stand unaided .Weighted .One of a kindAdopted

Rudi in his reindeer jumper

Rudi is just 2.5 inches tall and made from extra long plush.He wears a hand knitted Christmas Red jumper with a reindeer motif on the front which has tiny onyx eyes ,a cute pompom nose and silk ribbon bow .
Weighted ,one of a kind .Adopted

03 December, 2008


Winter is only 2 inches tall and made from vintage upholstery fabric.He wears a wreath of tiny holly leaves and berries and has a bow and bell at his neck . He will stand unaided .Weighted .One of a kind .Adopted


This little panda looks so festive in this gorgeous cranberry colour and lovely ribbon ruffle .She sits in her green pleated ribbon ribbon decorated box with vintage laquered holly leaves and red glass berries. She is 2.5 inches tall .Weighted .One of a kind.Adopted


This is Holly ,she looks so pretty in her red silk dress with her antique ribbon sash. She carries a basket of mistletoe which I have made for her and a silk bow and tiny holly on one ear .She is 2.75 inches tall and made from tan coloured supersoft cashmere . She will stand unaided .Weighted.One of a kind .