01 May, 2008


I am busy creating a few special bears and friends for adoption on Thursday 15th May from 7pm GMT . I hope you will be able to come along !
If you are not already on my mailing list and would like to be notified of this and future bears for adoption then please email me. xx


Anonymous said...
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Anna Soh said...

Hello Louise,

Sorry, I hv to use this column to leave a message for you. I tried clicking on to the "leave me a note!" to send a message but I failed. I just wish to be included in your mailing list.

I have been an admirer of your bears for a long time.

Have a wonderful day.

Warmest regards

Louise Peers said...

Hi Anna ,
I can not reply to you from your email as there is no address to send too.Please contact me again on this address.


Many thanks for your nice comment ,hugs,Louise x
ps I am not sure why the link was not working ,I will check.