15 May, 2008


Welcome to the show .I hope you enjoy the bears .If you would like to adopt one then please email me ldpeers@btinternet.com .All the bears are lovingly created by me .All are one of a kind .All the bears do not fit on the front page of my blog so please scroll down and click on the "older posts" to take you to the next page .
Thank you for looking ,
Louise x


Brenda said...

Hi Louise,
Well, look at you go! Six sold out of ten - that's terrific. Who needs EBAY lol!
I'm going to have to try a show on my blog! Well done, you.



Gaia said...

Oooh they are all so beautiful! I love the tiny elephant!!
What a clever idea you had, way to go! :)

I sent you an email a while ago, not sure if you have received it. I have so many addresses to your name that I'm no longer sure which is the right one...

Anonymous said...

Louise, I love the bears in your online show! They're all so adorable, but I have to say I'm taken with Whiskers and especially Cocoa. So sweet! It appears most of them have found new homes, too!

Bear hugs from Colorado,

winter-garden said...

Louise - your bears are amazing. I admire your skill and imagination!!

Best wishes,