03 May, 2008

Dandylion ,sunny little bear sitting on his dandelion

This is little Dandylion , If only all the Dandelions in our gardens were so cute ! Tiny 2 inch bear or is he a lion or a flower maybe ? He has a tiny pair of wings to flit from flower to flower. He is made from vintage longpile fabric with his felt dandelion ruff and his lions tail.
I have made him his very own flower to sit on or hide underneath and shelter from the rain.


Amanda said...

Wow, this so works. A dandy lion bear. Great imagination. Fantastic.

All Bear said...

Love it!!!!!!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Louise,
Wow - this fellow is fabulous! What a sweet idea!



Karen said...

Hi Louise, I absolutely love him! What a cutie.

Karen at ciderantiques