14 March, 2008

HARRIET sweet Easter chick

Harriet is made from yellow vintage velvet rayon.She is 2 1/2" not including her blue bonnet.She has wired legs and feet and is permanently attatched to her base.She carries a tny basket with forget me nots under a wing.Her bonnet is also decorated with vintage forget me nots and a silk ribbon. Polyfil/glass eyes
One of a kind Harriet has now been adopted . 19.16 gmt


Folksie Linda said...

Hi Louise, she is adopted already..boo hoo..she is so sweet..i am not surprised she got scooped up so quickly. I am glad you received your bookmark for participating in my Trivia question. soon I will have a giveaway so keep in touch with blogging! Hugs, Linda

Ciderantiques said...

Hi Louise, Hello from Canada. Lovely chick . . . so sweet ! The miniatures are wonderful. Great Blog and I will certainly drop by again to visit. ~ Karen