30 January, 2008

Lotty and her pink bunny

Here is Lotty ,she is 3.75 inches tall and made from lovely long pile fabric with guard hairs.She has a beautiful dress made from antique lace and antique rosebud trim.Lotty cuddles her tiny pink bunny made from soft velvety rayon.As always she is one of a kind.

23 January, 2008

Oscar and Willow ,Toyland !!!

Two new Toyland characters Oscar and Willow .They are both about 4 inches .Oscar is made from vintage rayon and Willow from hand dyed silk plush.

16 January, 2008

Daniel ,snug and warm

Daniel is just 2 1/2 inches tall and made in soft long pile .He is snug and warm in his designer jumper knitted by june.

Valentine Sweetheart

Little Sweetheart is a new design ,if he stretches he just about reaches 3 3/4 inches tall made from a lovely dark brown fabric with guard hairs.His locket has a picture of himself in and is ready for his sweethearts picture to be added .I hope he melts your heart.

11 January, 2008

Toyland Pretty Valentines

Two new little Toyland girls ,Valerie and Victoria Valentine,both one if a kind,4 inches tall.

04 January, 2008

Poor little old Edward one eye

I do hope someone falls for Edward and gives him a home.

Happy New Year ,First bear of 2008

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Louis is my first bear and a new design.He is 3.5 inches and made from sparse mohair.
His suit is pink and aqua silk with an off white ruffle.