12 September, 2007

Autumn Blackberry,soft not prickly !!

Autumn is peeping round the corner and I have blackberries at the bottom of my garden.I am glad little Blackberry is not as prickly as they are.
He is made from vintage long pile in a lovely hand dyed blackberry shade.2 1/2 inches tall and I made him a little bead blackberry and ribbon leaf to wear at his neck.


Vicki said...

Louise you already know how i feel about your bears, Blackberry is super cute and i just love that fabric colour so much that i will be keeping my eye out for some of my own lol

Hugs to you hun and keep up the amazing and out of this world work.

Laura Lynn said...

He is simply adorable!! Wonderful work as usual :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your bears,you are such a talented person Louise Peers, keep up the fantastic work.

Hugs & kisses.