30 July, 2007

Wilfred ,all ready for a paddle

Wilfred is all ready to go paddling in his old fashioned bathing suit .He is 2.5 inches tall and has a wonderful hand knitted suit by June.He carries a hand painted bucket and sits on his mini beach with shells.

17 July, 2007


Ambrose is made from a lovely cream mohair.He is 3 inches tall and very traditional in style with a waxed nose,weighted too.He wears a beautiful silk ruffle.

14 July, 2007

Shelli ,so sweet in her swim suit .

Shelli and her dolphin are playing down on the beach .She wears a beautifully hand knitted swimming costume by my friend June in gorgeous ice cream colours.Her dolphin is bright blue.Shelli is 2 1/2 inches small.

13 July, 2007

just William

just William is 2 1/2 inches small with a wobbly head/worn look. A little weight in his tummy and a waxed nose.He is a rich chesnut brown.

04 July, 2007


Neptune is 2.5 inches ,he is made from two shades of hand dyed vintage upholstery fabric.

02 July, 2007

Cascara tiny fairy in shell purse

Little Cascara is only 1.5 inches tall.She wears a silk skirt and bonnet and lives in her shell purse .I have made her fairy wings and a satin pouch ready for her when she wants to fly off and collect fairy dust.