03 August, 2012

Blooming in the garden !

Thought I would show you what I am growing in my garden . A cheeky squirrel keeps getting to the ripe strawberries before me as you can see from picture to the left :)  ! 
I have tomatoes , peas and just picked the first crop of beans ! Yum .
Lots of pretty flowers too ! 


Kays Kids said...

Louise your garden looks bountiful and beautiful. Even sharing with the possums.

Michelle Palmer said...

Critters wake up and wonder what we have growing for them each day~ bold little friends! :) Great post~ beautiful garden :)

maddyrose said...

Lovely post with some of the prettiest pics. The only things I've gotten from my garden so far is a few strawberries. We get such a late start and have such a short growing season but there are lots of tiny green tomatoes and there are blossoms on the squash plants so I'm hopeful.