10 June, 2012

The Sewing Fairies

These two little pixies are very busy in the antique sewing box , I am hoping that if I leave my button's to be sewn on and clothes to be mended that it will all be done for me !

Antique sewing box and accessories and two tiny pixie bears .This piece has been adopted but I thought it would be nice to show on here anyway .

04 June, 2012

Charlie Crab update

 Well I thought I would add to Charlie's story today . This morning I was quite upset to see that Charlie had died in the night or at least I thought he had .I just saw the little pale crab shape in the top right of the picture above.
I was planning to take him back to the beach today , he had survived a week with me which included escaping from his bowl , a long drop and trotting under the kitchen table  , not being trodden on or eaten by the dog ! 
When I started to clear out the home I had made for him I got a real shock when a bigger Charlie emerged from amongst the stones .I couldn't believe how much he had grown , he had shed his old crab shell in the night !
You can see new Charlie in the picture above top leftand below .

 So I have been back to the beach , here is Charlie on some seaweed near the rockpools .The tide was going out and we made sure he was settled and well hidden with the shell I accidently brought him home in .
Back where he belongs .....