30 May, 2012

A fine day out and Charlie Crab !

We have been having some lovely weather here in the UK and I spent a day at the beach on Sunday . Picked up a few large shells to bring home and was very surprised when rinsing them to see a little crab coming out to say hello !
I felt very bad for taking him away from his beach and made him a temporary home in this bowl with the shells I collected . He came out of the biggest one by the way !
The next day I drove to a pet store and bought a large bag of salted water as tap water is not good for him and he seems quite happy in there . Feeding him tiny bits of things like ham and fish and trying to keep the water cool enough .
I am hoping it wont be long before I can return  Charlie to his beach !

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Kays Kids said...

I hope you are lucky enough for him to stay alive. I'm glad you enjoyed beach weather.