02 August, 2011

Summer blog show now open !

Welcome to my late Summer show ,thank you for popping along to have a look at the new bears and friends .I do hope you like them .
Please email me if you wish to adopt someone .

Tommy in his ride along turtle

Tommy is a 2 inch clown made from pink and green long pile fabric with onyx eyes .He is riding in his very cute turtle car made from felt with sequin trim and google eyes .He can hop out whenever he feels like it .Can you spot the tiny snail in the photo ?
Weighted .One only . Adopted

Freddie in his bear suit

Freddie is a 2 inch bear in a turquiose bear suit .The suit is made from extra longplile fabric which makes it look very fluffy .
He has onyx eyes and two matching tiny buttons on his suit .
Weighted .One only . Adopted


Marina is a tiny 1.5 inch bear made from vintage casmere .Her skirt is a lovely varigated silk in sea colours which doesnt really show in the photos .
She just fits inside her tiny vintage shell purse which comes with a long chain .
One only Adopted

Miss Aquamarine

Miss Aquamarine is 2.5 inches tall and made from vintage longpile velvet with onyx eyes .Her body is turquoise and her skirt is silk satin. Rayon ribbon trim .
She has a hat trimmed with vintage flowers and Ostrich feathers .
Weighted .One only. Adopted

Nicola in vintage purse

Nicola is a 2 inch bear made from gold vintage long pile velvet with blue rayon body and lace ruffle .
She sits in her own vintage tiny Mother of Pearl purse with vintage heather type flowers in red ,white and blue .
Weighted .One only Adopted

Amphitrite the sea fairy

Amphitrite is a 2.5 inch bear made from turquoise vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes .
She has vintage turq glass wings and a net skirt . She stands on a sand coloured base ( can be removed) with tiny real shells and tissue silk representing the sea .
She pulls a strand of vintage beaded seaweed.
Weighted .One only . Adopted

Pinky in his fishmobile

Pinky is a 2 inch clown bear made from coral pink long pile fabric with a cashmere head /paws and onyx eyes .Sequin trim on his front and hat and vintage ribbon ruffle .
Pinky sits in his fishmobile ( he can hop out whenever he feels like it) .
The fish ride is made from salmon pink ,cream and turquoise ultrasuede and has sequin trim and google eyes .On base .
Weighted .One only Adopted

Caspian in turquoise sailor suit

Caspian is a 2 inch bear made from vintage cashmere with onyx eyes . His turquoise suit is made from vintage rayon velvet with white ultrasuede collar and trimmed with a vintage tiny red button. Red trim at cuffs and ankles and on hat .
Weighted .
One only Available

Horatio the sailor elephant

Horatio the elephant is 2.75 inches tall to the top of his hat .
He is made from vintage grey cashmere and has blue glass eyes.
His body suit is blue rayon velvet and his little white hat and collar are made in ultrasuede .
Weighted .One only Adopted

Serina sea fairy and starfish pin cushion

Serina is a 2 inch fairy bear made from turquoise and lilac vintage long pile velvet .She wears a tiny real purple shell and silk bow and has vintage aqua glass wings .She can stand or sit on her starfish pincushion which I have made out of silk . Topped with two pins made from vintage beads .
Weighted .One only Adopted


Philomina is a 4 inch Toyland bear made from rose pink silk plush with glass eyes .She wears a silk ribbon bow and ribbon flower headband .
Weighted .One only Available

Cockle a Toyland Panda

Cockle is a 4 inch Toyland Panda made from silk plush with glass eyes and hand shaded details . Matching ribbon and brass shell charm decorate him .
Weighted .One only . Adopted

Emile , pale blue sailor suit

Emile is a 2 inch little sailor boy in pale blue vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes .He wears a white sailor collar trimmed in navy blue .
Weighted .One only Available

Mint Choc Chip Panda

Mint Choc Chip is a 2.5 inch panda made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes in chocolate brown and turquoise . He wears a silk ribbon ruffle .
Weighted ,one only . Adopted