25 December, 2010

A very Merry Christmas !

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for the interest in my bears and wonderful support in 2010 .
Louise xx

18 December, 2010

The Nutcracker Suite

The Nutcracker is something I have wanted to do for quite a while .The whole scene from the ballet is set like a stage in a shadowbox .The Nutcracker stands tall and proud and the little Sugar Plum fairy pirouettes' around on the stage while the Mouse King is hiding behind the stage curtain ready to jump out !

08 December, 2010

Christmas /Winter blog show on now !

My show is now open . I hope you like the new bears and friends .I have really enjoyed making them ! Please email me if you wish to adopt a bear or bunny or with any queries ,
Louise x

Tiny Toadstool elf

Tiny 1.5 inch elf made from vintage casmere and rayon velvet with onyx eyes . Hat with tiny white beads and crystal drop .
He sits on a vintage basket with toadstool .One only. Adopted

Lottie gathering mistletoe

Lottie is a 2.5 inch bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes .She has a felt scarf and chenille trimmed snowsuit with hood .She pulls a tiny acorn cap wagon with mistletoe she has gathered and an acorn lantern to light the way . Weighted .one only Adopted

Phoebe the frost fairy on her toadstool

Phoebe the frost fairy is 2 inches and made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes. She has a pink twinkly tutu ,tiny white felt wings ,chenille scarf, fur hood with spots( sequins)and sits on her very own pink felt frosty toadstool,there is even a frosty spider web and tiny frosty flowers at the base of the toadstool .
Weighted .one only . Adopted

Toby bunny

Toby bunny is 2.5 inches not including his ears and has onyx eyes . He is made from vintage velvet long pile fabric.His snowsuit is trimmed with white and he wears a felt scarf and hand knitted ( By June) hat and bunny ear warmers :) This is what the best dressed bunnies are wearing this winter !
He pulls a sledge with a tiny tree in pot and snowman I have made .
Weighted .one only.Adopted


Lavinia is a 2 inch bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes .She wears a silver metallic ruffle and wears her own vintage crystal bauble on her wrist .Weighted .
One only .Adopted

Didi the clown with vintage decoration

Didi is a 2 inch clown bear made from vintage pale grey cashmere with a turq /green body and turq pads .Silver metallic ruffle and crystal beads decorate his body .He sits on a base with a vintage Xmas decoration made from tiny glass balls and silver wired beads .Weighted .One only . Adopted

Willoughby and snowman on sledge

Willoughby is a 2.5 inch bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes .His turq snowsuit is trimmed with white. He has hand knitted mittens and a very long hat which is also a scarf by June Palmer . He has a small wicker basket strapped to his back which carries his snowman friend wearing purple earmuffs and scarf .Together they sit on the sledge .
Weighted .One only . Adopted


Casper is a natural white bear in a medium pile vintage velvet with onyx eyes .He has a blue embroidered nose and a blue felt scarf and velvet rayon hat with trim and crystal drop . Weighted .One only.


Ginger is a 2.5 inch bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes .She wears a cotton pinafore with a gingerbread print and carries her own little gingerbread dolly tucked under her arm ,weighted .One only . Adopted


Rufus is a 2.5 inch bear made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes.He has a purple embroidered nose.He wears a hand knitted hat by June Palmer which is very long and also makes him a scarf ! Weighted .One only. Adopted

Jonty the clown

Jonty is a 2 inch clown bear in vintage long pile velvet in red and green with onyx eyes.
He has a cotton spotted ruffle and cotton pads ,red embroidered nose and two white buttons on his front .Weighted .One only . Adopted

Angel ,a white bunny

Angel is a 2inch bunny ( not including ears) made from super soft white long cashmere with onyx eyes.
She has a pink embroidered nose and pink ultrasuede wings edged with a sparkly thread .The wings are tied on with a pink silk ribbon .Weighted .One only . Adopted

Tiny Winter rose

Winter Rose is just 1.5 inches small and made from medium pile natural white vintage velvet with onyx eyes . She has tiny pink wings and sits inside a pink frosted rose .One only . Adopted

Holly Elf on holly leaf

Holly is a 2 inch elf made from vintage long pile velvet with onyx eyes . He has a red holly berry cap and red embroidered nose .He has bent legs so prefers to sit .Chenille scarf and trim on his arms .He sits on a felt wired holly leaf and berry .
Weighted .One only . Adopted

Percy the baby Penguin

Percy is a plump 2 inch baby penguin made from soft long pile fabric .Onyx eyes ,ultrasuede feet and beak.Weighted .Limited to 5 . Adopted