05 August, 2009

New Bears now available

Hope you like the new bears ,now available ,
Louise x

Silvertip still available for adoption

Little Silvertip was adopted on my last update but then due to unexpected circumstances could not be adopted so she is still looking for a new home .

She is 2.5 inches tall and made in grey supersoft cashmere with glass eyes .
Cotton and lace dress .Weighted .one only Adopted

Tiny Blu ,a sailor

Tiny Blu is just 1.5 inches tall and made from Wedgewood blue cashmere with a cream head .Onyx eyes .Tiny ultrasuede collar and a red silk bow .
One only .Adopted

Aquamarine ,pretty clown bear

Aquamarine is a 2 inch bear with a cream head and two pretty sea colours of vintage long pile fabric .He has onyx eyes .
His clown suit has a fancy yarn ruffle and two large buttons on his front .
Cute face .
Weighted .One only .Adopted

Surf the Panda

Surf is a 2.5 inch panda made from two seablue vintage long pile fabric colours. He has onyx eyes .He wras ribbon ,shell and pretty bead at his neck .
Weighted .One only Adopted

Sailor Sam

Sam is a 2.5 inch gold vintage long pile bear with onyx eyes . He wears a navy hand knitted jumper with white stripe and yacht motif and a navy ultasuede hat with gold trim which is removable .
Credit for the lovely miniature knitted jumper goes to June Palmer .
Weighted .one onlyAdopted


Tristan is a 2 inch bear in dark marine blue vintage long pile fabric with an oyster colour head and onyx eyes.He wears a sailor collar with fine navy trim. Good face .Weighted .One only Adopted

Harry and his kite

Harry is a 2.5 inch fudge coloured bear made from vintage longpile fabric with onyx eyes .He wears a blue and white handknitted cardigan with tiny blue buttons . He is flying his kite which is attatched by thin wire to his paw .
Credit for the lovely cardigan goes to June Palmer .
Weighted .One onlyAdopted

Jemima on the beach

Jemima is a 2 inch fawn coloured vintage long pile bear .She has onyx eyes and wears a sweet pink cotton dress with a sailor collar.She holds a strawberry sundae ice cream cone and stands on a sand coloured base with real shells and miniature starfish .Sweet face Weighted .one onlyAdopted

Jeremy on the beach

Jeremy is a 2 inch bear in fawn vintage long pile fabric with onyx eyes .He wears a sweet little romper suit in aqua cotton with sailor collar and hold a yummy choc chip ice cream cone.He stands on a sand coloured base with real shells and a miniature starfish. Sweet face . Weighted .one only .Adopted


Jade is a 2 inch vintage cashmere bear with an off white head and onyx eyes .Pretty ribbon ruffle around neck. Sweet face ,super soft fabric . Weighted .One only Adopted

Smudge Panda

Smudge is a 2 inch Wedgewood blue and white cashmere panda with onyx eyes .His pads and neck ruffle are done in a checked cotton.Weighted .One only .Adopted

Shelley with her shell purse

Shelly is a 2.5 inch bear made from pale gold vintage long pile fabric.She has onyx eyes and is weighted .
An antique ribbon ruffle and seahorse charm adorn her chest .She comes with her own shell purse which is lined with silk and metallic braid .One only .Adopted

Tommy the Toyland Sailor

Tommy is a little Toyland Sailor ,just 4 ins tall with glass eyes and made from silk plush in hand dyed gold and blue with a white felt collar and red felt bow .Weighted .One only .Adopted

Marina and her lilac Seahorse

Marina is such a pretty little Merbear . If she had legs she would be about 1.5 inches but I have given her an extra long tail which is decorated with pretty sequins.She is made from vintage cashmere with onyx eyes.
She is holding on tightly to the reigns of her Seahorse.She is made from vintage lilac cashmere and decorated with many sequins and beads and metallic threads .She also has violet glass eyes.
Marina and her seahorse sit on a sandy coloured base with "glass" bubbles. Just love her ....
One only Adopted

03 August, 2009

Two days to go ,nearly ready !!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick reminder that I am still busy on the last little ones ready for Wednesday's show .
Hope you can pop by for a look from 7pm on here ,
Louise x