21 June, 2009

Look what I found i my garden !!

Look at these pretty little Sweet Pea fairies I found peeping shyly out between the shoots of my Sweet Peas in the garden.
One of my favorite flowers to have growing at this time of year ,lots of lovely blooms in the most gorgeous colours.
Little Blush ,Lila and Bianca look perfectly at home dont they ?

10 June, 2009

Early Summer update , new bears now available

Hi ,
I hope you like my new bears.Please email me if you would like to adopt one ,


Louise x

Bear Brooch

This brooch is about 3 inches or 8cms across.The bear (well head and arms ) is made from vintage long pile fabric and is peeping through an assortment of vintage velvet and silk pansies and forget me nots ,There is a silk ruffle at the bears neck.
Brooch fastening on the back.One only
I can make one off brooches to order in colours of your choice . Adopted

Lavender bunny

Lavender bunny is made from hand dyed silk plush with violet glass eyes .She wears a pinafore from vintage cotton voile .Weighted .One only Adopted

Woodstock pink and Woodstock blue

Woodstock in pink and blue .4 inches tall and made from hand dyed silk plush with light amber glass eyes .Pretty cotton print inset in ears , footpads ,patch heart and stitched bow .Weighted .One only of each. Adopted


Silvertip is a 2.5 inch kitten made from vintage grey cashmere .She has violet glass eyes and wears a pretty cotton floral dress with lace apron and silk sash.Weighted .One only.

Sweet Pea Fairies ,Fushia ,Candy and Mauvia

Sweet Pea fairies are 2.5 inches tall and made from long pile fabric . Their bodies are coloured to match their petal skirts and bonnets .They have little green leaf collars and their wings are glitter edged .
They look so pretty together ,I have more Sweet Pea colours too but ran out of time ! Weighted .


Kumi is a 2.5 inch panda made from long pile fabric in a very deep grape colour with white .He wears a silk ribbon and tiny key around his neck.Weighted . O ne only .


Strawbeary is just 2 inches ,made from vintage long pile fabric and is dressed as a strawberry .He has a red body accented with tiny black pips (beads) a green stalk collar and hat and holds a tiny basket of strawberries for munching .
Weighted . One only


Sam is just 2 inches tall and made from long pile fabric.He wears a scarf tied around his neck and sits on a grassy base doing a spot of gardening. I dont think he realises those Dandelions are weeds if he is plannning on putting them in that pot !
Weighted .One only .


Flutter is just 2 inches tall and made from vintage upholstery fabric.She wears a dress with a lace bodice and skirt made from a sweet butterfly print.She has a pretty butterfly headband and butterfly brooch accented with tiny beads .Weighted .One only


Wilber is a 2.5 inch deep honey coloured bear made in vintage upholstery fabric.He wears cotton overalls with a cute bee pattern and is holding tightly to his own pot of honey with a tiny silver spoon. Weighted .One only

Bumble and bee hive pincushion

Bumble is a 2.5 inch bee bear made from vintage long pile fabric.He has fine net wings and sits on his own velvet bee hive pincushion complete with two bee pins .Weighted .One only . Adopted

Strawberry delight pin cushion

Strawberry delight is a tiny 1.5 inch strawberry fairy masde from vintage cashmere who sits on a basket pincushion which has a velvet pad and vintage strawberries and blossom around the handle . Two vintage crystal topped pins are included .
One only.Adopted

08 June, 2009

Early Summer update

Just another little reminder that I shall have some new bears available here on Wednesday 10th June from 7pm .
The bears and I hope you will join us !
Louise x

01 June, 2009

Teddybear Artist event on Sunday !

Just a little reminder that The Teddy Bear Artist Event is this Sunday 7th June in Stratford-Upon-Avon from 11am-4pm.
Still working away on special little bears for this show . If you are coming to the show please pop by ,the bears and I would love to say hello !


Louise x