31 March, 2009

Spring Show now open

Spring is here ! I hope you enjoy the bears and friends I have been so busy creating for this show .I have had great fun !
Please email should you require any more information ,
thank you for looking,
Louise xx

Clementine in her egg cart

Clementine is a 2.5inch bear made from vintage upholstery fabric in a pale gold shade.She wears an antique cream lace dress and sits in a gold leaf covered egg cart .
Vintage flowers and a vintage chenille chick sit in the cart too. The cart is trimmed with antique ribbon and silk rosebud trim and has a padded seat for Clementine to sit on .
The cart stands on a green silk base.
Weighted .One only .Adopted

Blush ,pink bunny in silver egg basket

Blush is a 3 inch bunny (not including her ears )made from hand dyed pink soft long pile cashmere. She has a white tummy and muzzle .
Onyx eyes.Weighted .She sits in a silver egg basket with vintage flower trim.
One only Adopted

Spring !

Spring is just 2 inches and made from hand dyed vintage long pile fabric with onyx eyes.She wears a silk flower hat and bow .Weighted .One only Adopted

Millie in her Eater bonnet collecting Eggs

Millie is 2.5 inches tall and made from vintage upholstery fabric.She wears a lovely Easter hat decorated with tiny vintage flowers and silk bow and carries a basket of pastel eggs.
Onyx eyes,weighted.One only Adopted

Basil pulling his toy

Basil is 2.5 inches tall and wears a blue suit made from vintage upholstery fabric.He has lovely duck buttons and yellow trim on his suit and pulls a tiny wooden duck toy.Weighted .Onyx eyes.
One only Adopted

Pansy the panda

Pansy Panda is just 2 inches and made from a lovely mauve and lemon vintage long pile fabric .Weighted with onyx eyes. I hade made pansy a tiny posy of paper pansies and given her a silk bow .One only. Adopted

Barnaby Bunny

Barnaby really is the Easter Bunny ! He is 2.5 inches tall not including his ears and dressed in a violet shade of vintage long pile fabric with ribbon and ricrac trim.He has a tiny basket on his back with a tiny fabric chick wearing a flower hat ! The chick does come out of the basket .Weighted .One only

Clover the tiny lamb !

Clover is the sweetest little lamb made from vintage rayon and stands just 2.5 inches high.She has onyx eyes and a tiny embroidered and blushed nose .Tiny pink silk bow on her tail and silk ribbon trim round her neck .
She looks as if she will fall over her own feet any minute ! .One only

Daisy sitting on her pincushion

Daisy is 2 inches tall and made from vintage long pile fabric in a pale oyster colour.She sits on her hat pincushion which is made from lovely silky vintage fabric which is so pretty with tiny spring flowers all over it .I have added silk tulle,ribbons and vintage daisies to the hat brim.Weighted.
One only Adopted

Tiny Ellie and Ollie in their cart

Ellie wears a pink bunny suit and is 1.5 inches tall . Ollie is a silly little duckling who is just 1 inch.He has tiny ultrasued legs and feet,cant stand,far too top heavy !
They both ride in the Cart I made for them with patchwork cotton pad and flower wheel trim .One only Adopted

Viola a gentle white bunny

Viola is a sweet little girl bunny made from lovely soft long pile fabric with extra guard hairs. She is 4 inches not including her ears and has violet glass eyes. She prefers to sit because of her long curved feet and wears a vintage lace ruffle and holds a posy of vintage viola's.Weighted .One only . Adopted

Bonbon -Toyland Clown Bear

Bonbon is a 4 inch Spring Toyland Clown made from hand dyed sugar pink and spring green silk plush.He has violet glass eyes and wears a ribbon ruffle and felt hat with pompom trim.Weighted . One only Adopted

Misty -Toyland Panda

Misty is 4 inches tall and made from hand dyed pale aqua silk plush.He has pale amber glass eyes and a vintage cotton ruffle.
Weighted ,one only . Adopted

Melba the Toyland bunny

Melba is made from hand dyed peachy coloured silk plush.She has Violet glass eyes and wears a vintage lace ruffle and holds a tiny bouquet of vintage velvet flowers .Weighted .One only .

Dilly Duckling - Toyland

Dilly Duckling is just under 4 inches tall and made from hand dyed yellow silk plush .She has blue glass eyes and wears a cotton hat(which is removable ) and ruffle.Her ultrasuede legs and wings are wired and jointed .Weighted.
One only Adopted

25 March, 2009

Delighted to announce ......

I am so delighted to announce that my snow carriage won its catagory in the People's Choice Awards in Sydney and also won Grand Champion recieving the most votes.
Thank you all so much for your votes .I have had such lovely comments and messages.
Sophie did a wonderful job at the show for me.
Back to sewing and getting ready for my Spring bear update next week !
See you then hopefully ,
hugs xx

16 March, 2009

Sydney Teddy Bear Show

This Sunday (22nd March) my beautiful daughter Sophie is in charge of my table at the Sydney Bear Show.
Sophie is studying and living in Sydney at the moment.
If you are going to the show I hope you will pop along and say hi to Sophie and the tinies I have created especially for this event .xx