28 January, 2009

Be My Valentine !!!!!

Hi ,
I hope you like my Valentine bears .They are available now for adoption.Please email me if you would like to adopt a new little friend. All are one of a kind .
Louise xx


Edwina is a 2.5 nch bear made from oyster coloured long pile fabric with a rose pink body suit.She wears an antique lace collar with gold heartshaped locket and vintage flower on one ear.She sits in an antique crochet baby bootee in cream and pink and adorned with vintage pink flowers .One of a kind .Weighted . Adopted


Valentina is a 2 inch pale gold bear with an antique lace ruffle ,red silk ribbon and gold heartshaped locket at her neck.She sits on a soft red silk velvet cushion trimmed with antique lace ,lovely cream velvet flowers and a vintage gold pin. One of a kind .Weighted.Adopted

Forget me not

Little Forget me not is just2 inches tall and made from pale gold vintage long pile.She wears an antique lace ruffle with blue silk bow and forget me not on one ear.She carries a posy of vintage forget me nots .Weighted .One of a kind.Adopted


Rose is a 2 inch little girl with an oyster colouredhead and rose pink body suit. She wears a vintage lace ruffle and gold heart shaped locket and carries a posy of tiny roses.Rose comes with a vintage lacy doily and a beautiful vintage heart shaped celuloid trinket box with pink roses painted on.She can sit /stand inside the box or on top .Weighted.One of a kind. Adopted

Best Friends

Old blu ,a vintage looking bunny made from vintage blue cashmere is 2.5 ins tall with a wobbly head.He is weighted and wears a gold heart shaped locket round his neck on silk ribbon.
His best friend is tiny red a 1.5 inch vintage cashmere teddy who wears the key to old blu's locket round his neck .They are inseperable ! I have given them a patchwork look mat to cuddle up on .One of a kind .Adopted


Little Posy is just under 1.5 inches small and made from cream cashmere vintage fabric.She has antique lace wings, and a tiny gold heart on red silk ribbon round her neck. She sits in a beautiful 1930's posy of red velvet flowers which is a brooch/pin .If you wish to wear her she is just pinned to stop her flying away or the posy would look lovely displayed in a small vase when not being worn. One of a kind . Adopted

Miss Valentine Fairy

Miss Valentine is sprinkling fairy dust with her heart shaped wand.She is 2.5 inches tall and made from vintage longpile fabric in a pale oyster shade.Her dres is made from silk petals with a red velvet bodice and tiny silk straps.She wears a red heart and bead garland and her large wings are trimmed with red hearts and glitter dust. She stands on a green base with some wired glitter hearts.Weighted .One of a kind.Adopted

Little Rosso

Little Rosso is just 2 inches tall and made from vintage longpile fabric.He wears a tiny gold heart on a fancy yarn around his neck .He is not quite as bright a red as he appears in the photo Weighted.One of a kind .Adopted


Sweetheart is a tiny 2inch cupid made from long pile fabric in a sandy shade with pale pink body.She has two tiny pink heart beads down her front and a vintage flower on her ear .Her white cupid wings are padded and shaped.Sweetheart sits on a soft pale pink silk velvet pincushion trimmed with antique lace and lovely pink vintage velvet flowers and leaves .Weighted. One of a kind . Adopted

20 January, 2009

Valentine's bears coming soon !!!!!!

A sneek peek on some Valentine's Day bears I am working on .Vintage romance ,hearts , lace and flowers. Coming very soon.Please email me if you would like to be added to my mailing list . Louise x

13 January, 2009

First little bear of 2009

This is Archie ,a Toyland bear made from vintage rayon in a deep olive gold with black glass eyes.He is adopted .

05 January, 2009

Happy New Year ,

Wishing everybody a very HAPPY NEW YEAR .
After the Christmas break I am back bursting with ideas and inspiration for new little bears and friends.
Keep checking for exciting new realeases on here ,I'll be in touch very soon !
Louise xx