29 October, 2008

Cornelius ,a Toyland Monkey

Little Cornelius is a new Toyland character. He is 4 inches tall ,has bent legs so cant stand and a very curly tail . He is made from silk plush with topaz glass eyes.

Last little Autumn bear

This little chap was made from an antique tie dyed velvet scarf.I think he covers all of the colours of the spectrum.

15 October, 2008

Autumn Toyland

Autumn has arrived in Toyland.Blackberry bunny has her little basket of blackberries she has collected. Leaf the pup is ready to go trick or treating in his ruffle and clown hat.
Little Pumpkin kitty looks so sweet and demure in her pinafore and little Spooky is dying to wear his witchy hat and broomstick and join Leaf "trick or treating" .
All are made from silk plush ,weighted and with glass eyes, gently aged.

02 October, 2008

Autumn Bears and Friends

Hope you like my collection of Autumn and Halloween bears and friends.I really enjoyed making them.These are available now.
Louise xx


Matilda is a 2.5" bear made from gold vintage long pile with black long pile.She wears a beautiful black silk and twinkly organdy skirt.She has a magenta coloured ultrasuede hat with net trim and tiny jewel.A crystal and star fall from the end of her hat.I have tied to her wrist with silk ribbon her own lucky black cat charm.This is hard to see in the photo.She is a very elegant witch .Weighted .One of a kind.

Black Magic

Black Magic is a 2.5" kitten made from extra long pile fabric.He has yellow glass eyes and wears a silk bow and I made him an ultrasuede hat which has a tiny black spider dangling off the end .The hat is removable.Weighted .One of a kind.

Acorn Fairy

Acorn Fairy is 2.5" tall and made from vintage long pile fabric in two colours.She wears an acorn cap for a hat ,velvet petal collar and a beautiful shaded silk skirt.I have added twinkle to her nose ,hat and pull along basket .Her wings are vintage organza petals.She stands on a base and I have made her a pull along acorn basket in which she is gathering berries ,toadstools and pinecones.She is just pinned to the base and can be taken off.Weighted.One of a kind .

Acorn Elf

Little acorn elf is the tiniest of the bunch,only 1.5 " .He is made from vintage cashmere and vintage velvet with a tiny acorn cap on his head and velvet wings.I have added twinkle to his hat ,nose and wings and his seat.
He sits on a velvet pad which is inside a bigger acorn cap with a gold edged ultrasuede leaf.He is held onto his cushion with a crystal topped pin.One of a kind.

Russet Rabbit

Russet is 2.5" tall not including his ears .He is made from vintage long pile velvet and his paws and ears lined with vintage velvet.He wears an organza bow and sits in a basket with vintage russet velvet leaves ,hazelnuts,mini pinecones and lovely shiny conkers .Weighted.One of a kind.


Woody is a tiny 2" bear made from vintage long pile fabric in two colours.He wears a vintage velvet hat with chenille trim and gold acorn charm and chenille scarf.Weighted.One of a kind.

Pumpkin Pete

Pete is ony 2" tall but rather tubby as his body is shaped in sections like a pumpkin.He is made from vintage long pile fabric with vintage velvet.He wears a silk varigated ribbon ruffle and two lovely glass pumpkin buttons on his tummy.These have tiny faces on them and are really lovely but dont show up well on the photo.Pete's legs are slightly bent so he doesnt stand.Weighted.One of a kind.


Octavia is 2.75" tall and made from supersoft cashmere in a pale warm yellow.She wears a beautiful hand knitted silk cardigan made by June and carries her own little knitted pumpkin.Weighted.One of a kind.

Sammy Scarecrow

Sammy is 2.75" tall and made from pale gold vintage long pile .He is a very smartly dresses scarecrow and wears a brown spotted waistcoat,checked cotton trousers,green felt jaket and yellow hat and fleece scarf.He has straw coming out of his sleeves ,hat and trousers and stands in a typical scarecrow position .Weighted.One of a kind .


Autumn is a tiny 2" multi coloured Autumn bear made from vintage long pile .Every section is a different Autumn colour.He wears a gold edged fancy yarn ruffle and tiny gold beads down his tummy .Weighted.One of a kind.

Rusty in cute Pumpkin basket

Rusty is 2.5" tall and made from vintage long pile .He wears a silk bow and rusty bell.Rusty stands inside a wool felt pumpkin basket I have made which has felt leaves and a wired handle and smiley face .Weighted .One of a kind.


Harvest is 2.5" tall and made from vintage long pile fabric.His head is pale gold and his body a rich conker brown.He wears a beautiful silk ruffle and vintage beads .He sits on a pumpkin pincushion I have made out of vintage velvet with crystal topped pins.He has slightly bent legs so will not stand.Weighted.One of a kind