14 March, 2008

Welcome to the show

Hi everyone ,
hope you like the bears.Please make sure you see them all ,there are three little ones on the next page too !!
Comments welcomed...
Thank you ,
Louise xXx


Anonymous said...

So lovely bears and animals!!! Too hard to choose only one and make my wish list. Have to be quick! ;-0

TinyBear said...

They are all so adorable Louise.
Brownie is my fav. though. SO sweet. Hugs, Tina

Wireless said...

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Brenda said...

Hi Louise,
Your pieces are wonderful! I don't think I can pick a favourite.

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All Bear said...

Pure eye candy Louise!

Vicki said...

They are all just so adorable, Bayou is amazing and he is even more amazing in the "fur"
Thankyou so much Louise.
Vicki xxx