29 March, 2008

Bingo,vintage style Toyland clown ready for the circus

This is little Bingo ,he is a new Toyland member and all dressed up and ready for the circus.
His outfit is made from hand dyed silk plush in pale pink ,lilac and eggshell blue and decorated with pompoms .He wears a ruffle made from tea dyed coton which has alphabet letters all over it in muted shades.His hat is made from the same fabric with pompoms and is removable with an elastic chin strap .One of a kind ,weighted with steel shot in his tummy.

21 March, 2008

Bonnie ,sweet little Spring girl

This is Bonnie ,
she is just 2 1/2" tall and made from vintage long pile fabric.She wears a dress made from a vintage cotton hanky .

14 March, 2008

Welcome to the show

Hi everyone ,
hope you like the bears.Please make sure you see them all ,there are three little ones on the next page too !!
Comments welcomed...
Thank you ,
Louise xXx

SPRING FAIRY,toadstool and sweet Spring flowers

This Spring fairy is 2 1/2" tall and made from very pale gold long pile fabric with a pink embroidered nose .Her body is pink and she has a skirt made from vintage silk petals and vintage silk wings that have a tiny amount of twinkle on them.
She sits on her toadstool made from velvet with bead decoration which is attatched to the base.All around the base of the toadstool are sweet vintage flowers .The fairy is not attatched to the toadstool and can be pinned to stand or sit as you wish.Weighted /polyfil.onyx eyes /stitched claws and nose .
One of a kind

BAYOU and his duckling

Bayou is a 2 3/4" bear made from vintage long pile in the colour of blue cornflowers.He wears a yellow yarn ribbon round his neck.Bayou carries his own little duckling which I have made out of velvet plush.The duckling is about 1" tall with poseable wings ,ultrasuede beak and feet and tiny black onyx eyes.Weighted /polyfil/onyx eyes ,stitched claws and nose.
One of a kind Bayou has now been adopted 19.11gmt

HARRIET sweet Easter chick

Harriet is made from yellow vintage velvet rayon.She is 2 1/2" not including her blue bonnet.She has wired legs and feet and is permanently attatched to her base.She carries a tny basket with forget me nots under a wing.Her bonnet is also decorated with vintage forget me nots and a silk ribbon. Polyfil/glass eyes
One of a kind Harriet has now been adopted . 19.16 gmt

DOMINO a black/white bunny

Domino is a very handsome bunny made from a long pile plush with guard hairs.He is 2 3/4" tall without his ears .His paws ,chest and muzzle are all in white .He has wired ears and arms and a fluffy white tail.Domino wears a carrot button and green silk ribbon at his neck. Weighted /polyfil/stitched claws and nose /glass eyes.
One of a kind . Domino has now been adopted 19.13 gmt

BROWNIE and his toy duck

Brownie is made from a longer pile plush which has long guard hairs on it .He has a black embroidered nose.He wears a yellow silk ribbon and a tiny key around his neck.He has his own very sweet little duck pull toy . Weighted /polyfil/onyx eyes/stitched claws .
One of a kind . Brownie has now been adopted . 19.03 gmt

FERN ,the colour of Spring shoots

Fern is a 2 1/2" bear made from vintage long pile fabric in a lovely pale green.I have made three ribbon rosettes in pretty silk pastel ribbon to adorn his neck.
Weighted /polyfil/glass eyes /stitched claws .
One of a kind . Fern has now been adopted 19.37 gmt

Miss Alice in her Easter best

This is Alice ,she is 2 3/4 " tall not including her hat .She is made from pale beige vintage long pile fabric.Her lilac bonnet is made from ultrasuede and adorned with flowers. Her dress is made from a pretty floral printed cotton with a vintage lace bodice decorated with silk ribbon.She carries a sweet flowerpot filled with tiny crocus flowers,weighted /polyfil/onyx eyes /stitched claws.
One of a kind

CHEEP ,sweet little sunny colour bear

Little Cheep is just 2 " tall ,very bright yellow soft long pile fabric ,simple orange silk ribbon and yellow vintage flower button at his neck.He carries his own wand of candy .Weighted /polyfil /onyx eyes /stitched claws .One of a kind . Cheep has now been adopted 19.18 gmt

ROSEY ,bear in bunny costume

This is Rosey .She is 2 1/2" tall bear in rose pink bunny costume made from vintage long pile fabric complete with bunny tail .She has vintage lace framing her bunny bonnet and paws.She carries her own little posy of vintage pink flowers .Weighted / polyfil/ glass eyes /stitched claws.One of a kind . Rosey has been adopted 19.54 gmt

03 March, 2008

Springtime with the Toyland Gang

Nearly Spring and the Toyland Gang are getting ready and having fun ! I have designed a new little character ,the duckling,she is about 3 1/2 inches tall.