30 January, 2008

Lotty and her pink bunny

Here is Lotty ,she is 3.75 inches tall and made from lovely long pile fabric with guard hairs.She has a beautiful dress made from antique lace and antique rosebud trim.Lotty cuddles her tiny pink bunny made from soft velvety rayon.As always she is one of a kind.


TinyBear said...

Awww She is SO sweet Louise. I love that little bunny of hers too. Have you made the bunny yourself too. What a lovely pair. Hugs, Tina

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Louise, Lotty is adorable and love her little bunny...so cute! Hugs, Linda

Lone said...

Wonderful little girl and wonderful little creations! I must admit that it was by purely coincidence that I got to know about your bears, but I'm SO glad I did!! I've already added your site to my favourites!

Best regards

Louise Peers said...

Hi Tina ,
Thank you ,yes I made the tiny bunny too,
Louise x

Zada Creations said...

Hi Louise,
I've enjoyed seeing all the wonderful creations on your blog! This little Lotty is one of my favorites, she's adorable! I'll be checking back to see more of your fabulous creations....

PS:Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, it means a lot to me!

Celidonia said...

What a lovely blog, and beautiful works! :o)