28 April, 2007


Here is Nero, he looks quite serious and regal I think.
He evolved from the beautiful gold edge ribbon he wears around his neck.

25 April, 2007

This is Ruben ,one of my traditional signature bears made from vintage long pile. He is 2 1/2" and made from a mushroom coloured fabric with coppery pink undertones.He wears a gorgeous velvet ribbon collar.
Here is April and May her kitten.April was finished today,she is 2 1/2" tall and made from very soft long pile fabric.Her tiny kitten May is just over 1" tall.Both are jointed.I have photographed them with the beautiful pink tulips I have in my garden now so you can see how small they are !!

April and May

17 April, 2007

Bertie theclown

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Bertie is looking for a home.He is 2 1/2" small and made from vintage long pile fabric.He wears a cute bowler hat and bow tie made from very fine rubber with hand painted spots.He wears tiny trousers with braces and big buttons and holds a bunch of flowers.

Little Bertie was finished last night.Had fun photographing him using one of my antique childrens books as a backdrop.
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13 April, 2007


Friday 13th April

Today is the day I decided to start to create the blog I have been meaning to do for a long time.It is beautiful and sunny outside,maybe I should be out there instead ?
I have just finished photographing my latest bear.He is a very small chap called "Blue".He is just 2.5 inches small.